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XL-Wand Repair

XL-Wand Repair

XL-Wand is an iButton reading data logger.

It stores the serial number and the data and time the iButton was read into memory. This small data logger is remarkably robust and requires little user care.

To reduce the number of XL-Wand Repair problems, charge for approx 10 hours once a week, do not submerge into water, clean the probe, avoid dropping.

What we do with an XL-Wand Repair

  • Check battery for charge.
  • If flat. Recharge. Check board current consumption.
  • Look for corrosion.
  • If corrosion, strip, clean, fit new wires, beeper, battery.
  • Check probe. Disassemble, re solder, fit new front.
  • Check DC charge connector. Replace if worn.
  • Charge battery for 24 hours. leave off charge for 24 hours. Check battery condition. Replace if excessive droop.
  • New box, always.
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