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Radio Wand Repair

Elite-ID Radio Wand Repair Information

Voyager Radio Wand is a robust, small data logger. To reduce the number of times you need a Radio Wand Repair, avoiding dropping, charge overnight and don’t carry the wand in a sweaty pocket or dunk it into water accounts for most avoidable problems.

When we repair an Elite-ID Radio Wand we

  • Check for condensation/sweat/water caused corrosion. This is common, usually from carrying in a pocket.
  • If any corrosion, strip, clean, inspect board closely, solder thru holes, repair eaten away tracks if able.
  • Check main CPU crystal ok. Causes a slow fault led flash.
  • Check clock crystal is not broken. Causes error indication on unload.
  • Check for Probe clean. If dented, disassemble and re-solder.
  • Check the main battery. Charge up over night, monitor run time. Replace if more than 2 years old.
  • Replace box if brittle, warped, cracked, overly dirty. Dust and dirt and sweat based condensation enters via warped boxes.
  • Check DC charge connector. Replace if worn.
  • Check Radio sensitivity. Adjust or replace antenna.

The Most Common Repairs

In order of frequency, Radio Wand Repairs fall into the following areas:

  1. Radio antenna badly bent – wand does not receive signals. Caused by dropping.
  2. Sweat / water / condensation caused corrosion.
  3. Battery old and weak.
  4. DC Charge connector worn out.
  5. Clock crystal broken wires. Vibration caused.
  6. Broken CPU crystal, caused by heavy drop onto concrete.
  7. Blown charge circuitry from wrong charger being used.
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