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Facilities Management

AtSite And Facilities Management

We released AtSite on 27 June 2015. Now in late 2018 we are adding new features for Facilities Management that all users of AtSite and WebEye can gain significant advantage from.

It is easy to use and provides many valuable features and -best of all- is extremely cost effective.

We have taken the approach that a facility is not just a set of walls, a floor, some plumbing and electrical services. It includes people and can have many different types of connected information.

We made our system flexible yet also easy to use so it is ideal to extract topical and important information and value from.

  • Track critical events, leaks, fire, threats, maintenance, disturbances etc.
  • Automatic email to stakeholders.
  • Track cleaning and security issues, spills, slip and trip, needle pickup.
  • Collect, track, report on facility issues; leaks, hazards, anything that impacts a facility.
  • Use for ordering, email requests directly.
  • Use for inspections, with photos. Flexible and simple, creates a history, can email results.
  • Integrated with Staff Location Tracking – so information is tagged to a location with a user name.
  • Integrated with Nexus-WebEye for full data management and reporting.

Facilities Management Should Not Require A Degree in IT

We’ve seen products where the users are flooded with difficult to understand screens then must enter information almost without end. That just makes it difficult for everyone.

With AtSite you;

  • Press the Events button.
  • Select an Event category and code.
  • Add some information and a photo – totally optionally.
  • Press Send.

Staff find this quick and easy to use, you capture the information you need, and you have a data trail that lets you manage and understand your facilities better.

WebEye is equally simple to use. Just setup email addresses and assign them to events. That way, events happening out in the field will inform stakeholders as they happen. Which events cause emails is easily setup so only critical events trigger emails.

Maintenance departments can be emailed directly when issues are flagged by users, making data flow simple and free form and information is available as it happens.

Later, WebEye lets users run scheduled reports and email to selected recipients. USers can drill down to inspect data, inspect and email information, add extra information, run statistical reports to help you manage – and all done simply and powerfully.

How AtSite Helps with Facilities Management

We use Events. These are pieces of information, entered by your staff into the AtSite system then sent to WebEye.

Events document something about your facility or site. It can be a mess on the floor, some defect in a facility needing repair, some event such as a slip and trip injury.

The power of this is simplicity of operation for your users, then the power of WebEye in the cloud for managing, reporting, and making the information available to those needing it.

The Events system uses an Event Category and an Event Code. Then the user can optionally enter extra information and a photo. This is sent to WebEye for storage, reporting, analysis, and forwarding to whoever has been configured.

This is the simplest and most effective events system that all staff can use with minimal training.

WebEye automatically forwards Events. For example, if there is a plumbing problem, or electrical, or graffiti, or needle pickup on site (just a few example of the many available) then each of these will be stored in WebEye. WebEye also emails those responsible for each kind of information; operations managers, security, cleaning, electrical or plumbing or maintenance department etc.

WebEye makes Event Information Available. People responsible for your facilities can login to WebEye and inspect information that is topical to them. Your maintenance department can see what events there are in a date range and from that, what maintenance is required. They can look at events by type. For example all plumbing or all electrical, or all security problems etc. Events can be inspected in WebEye and emailed directly out to responsible people.

Management can use the powerful WebEye reports and statistical analysis options to understand trends and understand facilities better.

All stake holders gain access to all the information they are responsible for in an immediate and easy to use manner.


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