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Login for Apple

Login Procedure For Site Staff (Apple)

We strongly recommend that credentials are locked into your device. That is the easiest way to login.

At Start of shift

  • Log In To AtSite (any errors – see below)
  • Press ‘Begin Logging’ button
  • Check that AtSite logs the first beacon of your shift
  • Make sure your battery is well charged

During Shift

  • Check your battery is not going too flat, or already flat.
  • Check occasionally that beacons are being logged
  • Use the Events button to create an event, include an optional photo

At End Of Shift

  • Check that data has been uploaded (unless using Offline Mode)
  • Log Out Of AtSite
  • Put on charge

Authentication Error / Access Denied

  • Your user name or password or Client ID is wrong. Re-enter them. See below.
  • Client Administrators can use Nexus-WebEye to reset the password and user name. This usually fixes the problem.
  • Contact Elite-ID if unable to fix it. We can reset your password or username.

Error 403 Concurrent Users

  • Someone else is logged in with this username. Get them to log out before you try to login.
  • If you think no one else is logged in on this user, contact Elite-ID.

Not Sending Data

  • Make sure your WiFi has not changed. Has someone changed its password?
  • Is the internet working?

No Internet – if your internet had failed

  • Turn off WiFi in your phone / iPod
  • Use “Offline Login” – data will now be stored in the device.
  • When internet is restored, enable WiFi and login, logged data will be uploaded when able.


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