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Move Button or PipTag

Moving A Button Or PipTag

In WebEye it is not uncommon that a PipTag or an iButton must be moved from one location to another. This is well supported.

The “Assignment Date” is critical. A serial number can have many assignment dates and usually one for each location where it is installed. WebEye uses this to know where and when your serials are located when they are logged.

For example,

  • A serial has been at 3 different centers
  • use the Manage Serials option in WebEye to find the serial, or :-
    • use Manage Centers,
    • view the Center,
    • then click on Show Serial,
    • then click on the serial and you will be in the same place showing all the assignments for a serial
  • you will see that it has multiple Assignment Dates.You will see multiple Start, End dates but only one Latest.
  • at the first center it will have a Start date, then an End date. Data between these goes to this locaiton,
  • at the second center a Start date, then an End date,
  • then at the center where it is now, the last one, it will have a start date, and this will be shown as the “Latest Assignment.”

This is powerful. Your data is mapped by date between locations and centers and you can manage it easily. If you import old data that has been stuck in a device, it will go to the correct center(s).

Here is a full article on Assignment Date.

How To Move a Serial

  • Create the NEW center you want to move the iButtons or PipTags to
  • Create the locations at that new center
  • Go to the OLD center, for each location, click on view serial
    • click on the serial number to go to the manage serial screen
    • assign the serialto the new center and location at the date of installation.
    • Click Update to save it
    • You’ll see a new entry showing the serial at the center location and date you setup.
  • Repeat for all locations.



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