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Success, Supervision and Staff Inclusion

Success : Staff Inclusion and Supervision

There have been trends in the way staff are supervised, and there can be wildly different management practices. Here we offer ideas for staff supervision with respect to using our systems and maximizing success. Our goal is for our clients to log more and better data.

The suggestions given here are as a result of 20 years of experience with cleaning and security contractors. We don’t mean to tell you how to run your company, we are  presenting options, ideas, processes we have seen used.

Summary – If your staff are motivated, given topical and timely information about performance then supervision becomes easier and more effective. You will leverage the best value for your staffing dollars spent.

Supervision – Lead From The Front. Take Ownership.

We have said this many times before; check your data and make sure staff understand the importance of logging good data. It protects them. It protects you.

As soon as staff understand the necessity for good data, it will become ‘front of mind’ and many excuses for poor data will cease to be valid.

The biggest issues some clients have is in ensuring the equipment is being used, in ensuring they login in the morning, then logout at the end of day. Staff don’t tell them when there is a problem and small problems rapidly grow to become big.

Losing data for one day because no one told you about a problem is bad enough. What happens when this becomes a month, or 2 months, or longer without data  because no one cared enough to chase down a problem.

IDEA! Just schedule some reports. Check them. Contact the site and give feedback. “These were great results, except for…” and suddenly you are supervising. Managing. Taking ownership.

Check Your Data

Here is an article, similar to this one, on actually checking your data. It really will help!

Include Your Staff, give them ownership

The very best example of this we have seen is at a major shopping center. A Risk Management report is printed from ‘yesterday’ then problem areas highlighted, then pinned to the wall.

When staff collect their equipment, they see this. Suddenly they know their work is being measured, they are included in it in an open process and staff dodn’t want to be seen as poorer performers compared to others.

WebEye helps with this, it gives timely topical data with best of industry reports, automatically emailed. These are all critical. Making the best reports in the industry land on an email address when they are needed reduces effort and makes the whole process possible.

Should You Give Access to Your Staff to See Data?

We believe you should. Including staff gives them ownership. They will point out problems early for you.

You can create “Site Logins” (or we will) for them. These limit what centers staff can see, and they also limit what reports they can use.

You can alternatively schedul a daily report to be emailed to them. This will land as a PDF and makes checking data super simple and easy (see Location Attendance report).

Deriving Benefit from Elite-ID Attendance Verification

The benefits are what you would expect;

  • With good data, contract compliance becomes easier. Show your client your diligence.
  • You will have better data. It will be there for you. Years later.
  • Less litigation because better data means the job was done better.
  • Better protection in the event of litigation.

As said before, it all works together.


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