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Wand – Missing Data

Missing Data

Radio Wands and XL Data Wands are mature products with well known fault modes. Fault finding is not difficult.

Missing data always happens for a reason:

  • Allowing the Wand to go flat.
  • Water and sweat in the wand affecting it’s time keeping clock.
  • Poor Radio Wand Sensitivity. Dropping Radio Wand will affect the internal antenna.
  • Not emptying the wand fully.
  • Wrong date and time in the XL-Unloader.
  • A dirty probe making iButton contact difficult and error prone.
  • An intermittent probe. They can be damaged internally.
  • Not actually using the wand, forgetting to take the wand.
  • Not attending the location.
  • Using the wrong charger.

Here is follows a discussion on each, in depth. Most of the above is self evident, but there are mistakes that can be made.

Flat Wand

Here is a full article on what to do when your wand goes flat.

Basically – the real time clock in the wand stops.

You must recharge the wand then you must  touch it onto the XL Unloader to reset it’s clock.

If you forget to touch onto an XL Unloader, the clock in the wand will be wrong, and the data will be wrong.

Not Emptying The Wand Fully

If you haven’t emptied the data, the data is still in it and so you won’t see it on a report.

Just re-touch the Wand onto the XL-Unloader. Keep it there. Wait for the alternating Wig-Wag signal.

You can repeat this if you are unsure.

Empty the Unloader and send the data to Webeye.

Radio Wand Poor Sensitivity

Dropping Radio Wands will damage the antenna and reduce sensitivity.

The only solution is to return the wand for repair.

Dirty probe

The probe on a wand can collect dirt and grime. This can make reading an iButton or emptying into an XL-Unloader difficult.

Cleaning is easy. Use methylated spirit or similar. Also, rub with dry clean stainless steel wool.

Intermittent Probe

The probes have wires internal to themselves. These, with a lot of dropping,. can fail. The only solution is to return for repair.

Clock In Unloader Wrong

This is now rare as most PC’s update their clock on the internet. The XL-Unloader will advise of any major difference (more than aminute) between its own internal clockl and a PC.

Just use the “Set Clock” optin in the XL-Unloader program.

Using the wrong charger

XL-Data wand and Radio Wand use a 9 volt DC plug pack to charge them.

Do not use any other type of plug pack. Warning: 2 way radio chargers will kill a wand.

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