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Application Ideas

Application Ideas and Areas

Sometimes it is easier to work out how to use WebEye and and Elite-ID logging systems by looking at how other people use them.

Continuous Automated Monitoring

This is probably the most common use for WebEye.

Clients set up WebEye to automatically email reports so that problems are identified pretty much immediately.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Select a report. Usually it is Location Attendance and/or the Risk Managemet reports.
  2. Select the report parameters such as the center, the time profile if appropriate, any restrictions.
  3. Select “Yesterday” for when it analyzes data.
  4. On the Advanced options, select the “In The Future” reporting option.
  5. Set the date when it is to start and the time of day the report is to be generated.
  6. Select Recipients to email the report to.
  7. Tell it to “Go”

Every day the report(s) will then be emailed – assuming your email address has been verified.

We’ve seen clients pin the Location Attendance rerport to a notice board in staff areas then hilight problem areas for top of mind awareness.

Notify If No Attendance On Site

A client needed to know that staff attended on remote sites spread across a wide geographic region. Since each site was a single person clean, not supervised, out of normal business hours and remote – this presented some initial challenges. WebEye and AtSite were chosen.

The best solution was to:

  • Setup a time profile for each center, along with a performance requirement.
  • The Location AnalysisHit Analysis report was used in exception mode.
  • A report was scheduled for shortly after ‘start time’ for each center.
  • If any site didn’t have an attendance in the Time Profile window, then an email is generated and sent to management.

With minimal setup, AtSite and WebEye work together to give a great outcome.

Collecting Hours On Site

For many small remote sites, our client wanted to know how much time was spent on each site.

The Service Delivery report is ideal for this.

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