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WebEye Site Users

WebEye Site Users

In  WebEye the Site users are absolutely ideal for site staff and for end-client reporting.

Site users can only see selected reports for selected centers. They cannot change anything, cannot cause any problems. Events have controlled access also beaning you can allow or disallow a site user to have Events priveliges.

Creating Site Users

Only Client users can do this;

  1. Login to WebEye with a Client User account (this login type can create others)
  2. Go to Manage Users (near the lower left hand corner)
  3. In there, select “Create A New Site User” on the right hand side
  4. On the left hand side, enter all the details. Select Site Administrator
  5. On the right hand side, tick which reports and which centers this user is allowed to access.
  6. Click on Create when done.

You can go back and edit this login later if you wish. See “List Site Users” option… select the user with “Edit” and you can change it all.

Which Reports?

There are many reports in WebEye. Here is an article on what we call the main ones.

We like Location Attendance, Risk Management, Center Visits reports.

What About Events?

Top right hand side, these can be selected for Site users to access and see if required.

Events allow your site staff to input information to document things that happen on site. Example slip and trip, CMO requests etc. Here is a discussion on Events.

This is very much up to you. We can’t make a hard and strong recommendation.

If you allow site users to Add events, then yes, they can do exactly that, add events when and if they must. For experienced users, this may be a good thing.

For end-clients, you can enable them just seeing events, not adding.

Note. The events system does not permit deleting events, nor can anything be changed in an event that has been saved. It is secure.

What Is Sync All Site Users With Recipients?

New WebEye reports send scheduled reports to email addresses from the Recipients list. This is an improvement. You can send reports to multiple email addresses, and a single login can now manage reports for many many sites.

The Sync option lets you copy all name and email info from Site Users into the Manage-Recipients list. This makes setting up the Recipients list quick and easy if you also have Site Users setup.

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