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Automating Reports

Automatic Reports Are An Ideal Way To Save Time

Having a report delivered automatically at the same time each day, via email, can save a lot of time in managing your sites.

Doing it is easy – WebEye lets you setup a report then schedule it for automatic delivery in advance, once, or repeatedly. Just set everything up as you normally would then click the “in the future” radio button and select once, daily, weekly or monthly options – and it will happen.

Involve Site Staff More Closely

Having the Location Attendance report, the graphical one with the coloured spots, automatically delivered to site staff is an ideal way to invest them in the system. It helps when they are aware of their performance in a simple and easy to understand way.

Another excellent report is Risk Management. This produces a simple average that can be used to compare and check locations – very quickly.

The Location Analysis reports can also be automatically delivered, and managed, to provide more in-depth analysis of your data.

Ideal Reports for Automatic Scheduled Delivery

The Location Attendance report showing a picture of your attendances is ideal to highlight performance to your staff.

The Risk Management report. An ideal though slightly simplistic report to measure and compare locations. The Risk Management report shows average return times is an easy report to understand and it highlights problem areas. We have seen sites print this every day then use a highlight pen to mark locations and show staff where there are problems.

The Location Analysis report is ideal for in-depth analysis and reporting. It can also be setup to email in the event locations are not compliant – meaning they don’t meet your performance criteria.


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