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Performance Measurement

Performance measurement : Knowing Staff Movements

Staff are the life-blood to any service organization and directly impact your reputation and profitability.

Labor is often the most significant cost to service providers so it makes sense to ensure that you are getting value for money and that you know where that cost is being spent. So, knowing where your staff are spending their time is important.

Just as important and possibly more so, it is important to know where your staff are not going. These missed areas may well be your highest risk areas, the neglected areas that come back to cause trouble.

Use Elite-ID Equipment and WebEye To Measure Performance

As soon as you measure something, you have knowledge about how it functions. Then decisions can be made to manage a situation using that knowledge.

Staffing is no different.

But how do you record staff movements? How do you record what they did?

Elite-ID equipment and services such as Beacons, AtSite, WebEye and Classic Wand Systems all produce data on staff movements. This data is pushed into the Cloud so you can generate reports and gain insight.

The WebEye reports are the best in the industry and use Elite-ID proprietary performance measurement techniques.

Proof Of Attendance

It doesn’t matter how diligent, how skilled or how effective your staff are; if you can’t prove it, you are exposed to risk.

This can be from a number of directions; litigation, loss of contract, property and machinery damage and liability.

Without proof, you are unable to show diligence and hence, negligence is assumed.

So, why not choose a system that does this? Elite-ID AtSite tracks staff simply and powerfully. It integrates directly into Nexus-WebEye in the cloud andalso captures information about staff activities called ‘Events’. So, you can track your staff and know of any issues they face.

Suitable For Many Applications

For nearly 20 years Elite-ID have been supplying equipment and services into many industries. We understand the market and the application.

Shopping Center Monitoring

Shopping center malls, food courts, toilets and public areas are required to be cleaned regularly and to be safe for the public. Ensuing a high level of service reduces latent hazards which directly affects risk and from that litigation and significant cost to service companies.

Elite-ID products; AtSite and WebEye are ideal for recording when staff attend locations. The data is uploaded to the Cloud and available for analysis and reporting by authorized users.

Security companies use Elite-ID XL-Data wands to track patrolling guards to ensure clients are protected. This is often called ‘Guard Tour’ and is something we have done for 2 decades.

Heavy machinery in gold and diamond mines require regular inspection; iButtons and Elite-ID products track staff attendances and assist in maintenance and possible insurance claims.




Reporting – The Essential Ingredient

After installing a system, it is essential to monitor the data and ensure it is meetinfg your needs. For example, is your contract being met? Are you getting the attendances you should?

This is where Nexus-WebEye has been proven to be the best in the industry with its range of reports that give in-depth data analysis and can be scheduled for automatic delivery. Elite-ID have been the innovators for two decades in reporting analytics.

The Location Attendance report will show you a picture of your attendances make it easy to see trends, find problem aread, understand what is happening.

The Center Visits report shows you a running list of your data. It gives you the raw data and shows last attendance information. It is great for in-depth analysis.

For more in-depth staffing analysis, nothing beats the Location Analysis report. This report has 3 sub-report options that show your data in different ways. It can be used to generate automated (exception) emails for locations and sites that don’t been your performance criteria.

Nexus-WebEye has reports to suit any application. The data can be exported in CSV format for Excel and as PDFs for emailing to clients.

As always – please contact Elite-ID for more information. We are happy to help.

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